Five Cups for Grand Slam!

Lily and I are dancing around our respective rooms, having just received this fantastic review from Coffee Time Romance for Grand Slam! Scoring five out of five, and here’s what the reviewer had to say:

ctr5cups“Grand Slam is an invitation into the meaning of a BDSM relationship based on love, trust and respect. The characters are two incredibly strong individuals who learn that being together can make them stronger. I love the easy introduction into a light dominate, submissive relationship. Grand Slam is an amazing love story for the romantic at heart, with just enough BDSM to interest those who appreciate extra spice in their life. Ms. Harlem and Ms. Felthouse have an amazing talent of balancing the BDSM lifestyle with the romance of love.”

You can read the review in its entirety here.

Check out more on Grand Slam here.

Lucy x

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