Sunday Snog – Grand Slam

Sunday Snog

Grand SlamGrand Slam is back with another Sunday Snog, woohoo! As the name suggests, Sunday Snog is where a snippet from a published work, WIP or to-be-published work is shared to give readers a taste, and hopefully make them hot under the collar 😉 Once you’ve checked out this super snog from book one in the Raw Talent series, be sure to head back to Blissekiss and check out all the other awesome kisses. Enjoy!

By the time the elevator disgorged us onto our floor, I was buzzing with excitement. The adrenaline was still pumping through my veins. I walked swiftly down the corridor, Marie close behind, then waited as she put the keycard into the slot on the door. After a few seconds—which felt like forever—the light flashed green and we barged into the room.

Flipping the lock behind us, I dropped my bag, pulled Marie’s from her shoulder and tossed it on top of mine. Then I leaned down and captured her lips, pushing my tongue between them and delving into her warm, sweet mouth. I slipped my arms around her and cupped her delectable—and probably still tender—buttocks, pulling her tightly to me. I didn’t know if the gasp she emitted into my mouth was because I’d yanked her so hard or because her arse was indeed sore. Either way I was happy so I continued to kiss her with a fierce desperation.

Eventually though, we had to come up for air. Her dark eyes flashed, the pupils wide. That, her pink cheeks and her expression told me that she was just as turned-on as I was.

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  1. Normandie Alleman (@NormandieA)

    September 15, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Hot! Nothing like that rush from the elevator to the hotel room.