Yet Another Fantastic Review

Once again, Lily and I are happy dancing around our laptops, as we’ve received another review for Grand Slam. This time, it’s from Night Owl Reviews. Here’s what they had to say:

“Grand Slam is the first book in the Raw Talent series by Lucy Felthouse. Marie Sherratt, a psychologist, has been hired to work with Los Carlos Tennis Academy to work with Travis Connolly. Travis is not interested in talking to a psychologist, but he is interested in other things from the good doctor.

Travis is recovering from an injury in America, where he is starting over. In the months he has been here, he turned his back on the BDSM lifestyle that he embraced in England. Travis is a hot and sexy man with an arrogant attitude.

Marie has been hired to work with Travis. She agrees with Travis to learn BDSM if he works with her. Shortly after the agreement their play turns to a real relationship. Marie was slightly older than Travis. She is very inquisitive.

The chemistry between Travis and Marie is hot. The sex scenes were sizzling. My main issue is the BDSM scenes seemed water down by both Marie’s consistent questioning of Travis’s commands and Travis was not really convincing as a Dom. He came across as a man who liked to dabble in the lifestyle.

Overall, this was an interesting story one that should appeal to both vanilla readers and BDSM readers. While I found the idea of Marie being Travis’s psychologist a bit off because in the real world I would think she would be facing some sort of disciplinary actions. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.” 4 out of 5, Night Owl Reviews

Hurrah for fab reviews!

Lucy x

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