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Blissemas 2013


Welcome to Blissemas 2013. This is Raw Talent’s very first Christmas so we’re hoping the sexy stockings will be full to bursting point. The first book in the series, Grand Slam has had a wonderful year and been very, very good. With reviews like “The chemistry between Travis and Marie is hot.” “The sex scenes were sizzling.” and “So highly recommend this book” Santa is sure to be generous. The next books in the series are works in progress but will see the light of day in 2014 and yes, there’s more hot, super-confident, athletically talented guys and gals on the way.

Grand Slam

I loved writing Grand Slam and fell so in love with Travis. He’s all man, a testosterone overdose, a wonderful treat for every female sense. But what is it about sportsmen that gets us girls going? Of course their supreme fitness and their blessedly buff bodies would be a whopping plus between the sheets but is it their psych that really gets our attention? Their unwavering competitive streak and single minded focus – see we’re not so shallow after all – do we see these guys performing on the court, the pitch or the rink and think ‘wow, if they’re that obsessed with being the best, of winning and scoring goals, shots etc. what the hell would they be like in bed?’ Off the chart amazing, our inner voice shouts. ‘You’ll feel like you’ve won the damn Olympic gold medal in ecstasy’.

I’ll confess I’ve never had sex with a professional sportsman so this is all hypothetical, having said that I have a pretty damn vivid imagination, especially when it comes to hot men! I live in the UK and our most famous sporting export of recent years is of course the delectable David Beckham – yum!

But we have a few other hotties which I thought I’d share. Why not? It’s cold outside and we have to keep warm somehow! This is boxer Joe Calzaghie, he’s Welsh (YAY!). He is seriously hot and a seriously nice guy too. I was lucky enough to meet him once – swoon! –and I had to be picked up off the floor when my knees gave way. His voice is all deep and lilting, one side of his mouth twitches when he smiles and his eyes sparkle with a confident naughtiness. He’s like a great big vat of sin which would be so heavenly to jump into! Damn – missed my opportunity by becoming a boneless heap!

j c

Now this is a surprise one. Because who would have thought the England cricket team would have had had such a hunky captain? Andrew Flintoff is a man who knows what he wants and goes out and gets it. I’ll confess it’s a sport that bores me silly (sorry any cricket fans) but when he was out there hitting balls around it and playing with his bat it was suddenly watchable!

CRICKET England 14

No UK list would be complete without Johnny Wilkinson, this guy scored the winning point for England in the Rugby World Cup Final despite having dislocated his shoulder minutes earlier in an evil tackle – ouch!! Now that is man on a mission, a man with unwavering self-control. Can you imagine…?


Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list and there are supremely gorgeous and talented sportsmen the world over. But it is this wonderful deep vat of inspiration that is going to propel Raw Talent and it’s characters on and on. Look out for more M/F stories, BDSM and just plain kinky, there are F/F novellas on the way, and M/M (characters who you will have already met in Grand Slam) and then a menage a trois, and… yes the list goes on.

From Lucy and I and our Raw Talent heroes and heroines we wish you a wonderful cosy Christmas with lots of love and laughter. Don’t forget to leave a comment right here to be in with a chance to win the big prize – an ereader OR a $100 gift card!


All pictures found online and presumed to be in the public domain.

Lily x

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