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Sunday Snog

Sunday Snog


Another Sunday another Snog, here you go, let’s not waste time this is an action-packed moment…

Grand Slam


Travis’ meaty cock was inches from my mouth. Thick and hard, lined with several dark, bulging veins and topped with a shiny head that invited licks. And lots of them.

I was stunned by his daring action, yes. It was way beyond what I thought would happen today. But equally at war with my shocked state was a glut of longing that had pooled inside me, dampening my panties and spiking my nipples. If this was wrong, how come it felt so right?

I stared at the way he held the shaft in his palm, stroking his thumb over the length and then into the rim. Caressing, fondling himself, as if showing me what he liked.

I swallowed and could almost taste him. The scent of his body was swimming around me, hot and vital, testosterone-soaked male, lacing my nostrils and tongue, winding its way into my lungs and down my throat.

“Now suck it,” he said, the words seemingly being dragged out of his throat on a crest of lust.

Suck it!

Saliva pooled in my cheeks, my heart thudded. Had I imagined the words?

I glanced up at his face and adjusted the position of my knees on the floor. I felt so small down here. He was looming over me, casting his big shadow over me.

“Suck me off, Marie, now.”

Okay, I heard that all right. And there was something in his voice, his tone, that expected to be obeyed. No, make that demanded to be obeyed.

I swallowed again, leaning closer and parting my lips. A shiver of excitement rattled up my spine and I felt a rise of goose bumps on my nape.

He clenched his fists at his sides. I noticed his knees lock and then I took him into my mouth.

He sucked in a breath.

I didn’t hear it release as I reached for his hips, gripped and sank him deep, taking him swiftly to the back of my throat. I adored how he filled my mouth, slotting onto the base of my tongue, the head of his erection as smooth as silk yet as hard as granite.

I paused with him as far down as I could take him, created a suction then rippled my tongue against his hardness.

“Ah yes, that’s it, perfect,” he said, resting his hands gently on my hair. “Just like that, Marie. Oh, yes, such a good girl, such a good psychologist.”


Fuck, that word was like a steam train tearing through my conscience. What the bloody hell was I doing sucking off a client? Not just any old client either, but Travis fucking Connolly, world-famous tennis star.

I pulled back, let him pop from my mouth and scooted away, right until I felt the wooden side of my table against my shoulders. My breaths were hard to catch, my vision blurred. I’d always prided myself on my professionalism, but this, Jesus, this really took the biscuit. Oral sex in my office. Oh my God.


Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings


Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a continuation of last weeks spanking. Marie is blindfold and listening to what is going on around her.

Grand Slam



I knew those words, had called them out myself on several occasions. I gripped Travis’ hand, wanting to put it between my legs. I was burning for his touch, for stimulation.

Another slapping sound, followed by another and another. A cry of delight, of pain, a plea for more, to stop, more, more, more…

I knew where I was, all right. Travis had brought me to an orgy. All around me people were having sex. The smells of their arousal, their juices, sweat and cum filled the air. It didn’t disgust me in the slightest. It turned me the hell on.

Sunday Snog

Sunday Snog


A big welcome to Sunday Snog, this week another sexy smooch from Grand Slam, taken from midway through the book. Pucker up!

Grand Slam


 “So now things are different between us, shall we try something?” The softly-softly approach was really hard for me, clearly at odds with my natural personality, but I wanted Marie so badly that I’d deal with it. For now. Besides, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be much of a Master would I? And I prided myself on being experienced and skilled when it came to Domination.

“O-okay,” she replied, fiddling with the hem of her blouse.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you. It’s just a little experiment, nothing else. Just to see how you feel. If it floats your boat, so to speak.”

She gave me what could only be described as a relieved smile. I reached forward and put my fingers beneath her chin, lifting her head. Then I closed the space between us and did something I’d been dying to do for days—I kissed her. I had an ulterior motive too. I wanted to use her reaction to me kissing her to gauge what to do next, what I thought she’d be able to take.

Her lips were soft, supple, and she opened them to admit my tongue almost instantly, causing my semi-erection to grow quickly into a full one, which pressed insistently against the crotch of my jeans. Aching for her.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me, resisting the temptation to grind my cock against her. She’d know damn well how hard I was without me doing that. I wondered if she was getting wet, whether the gusset of her knickers was damp. Because of me, because of what we were talking about. What we were doing.

She slipped her arms around my waist and I did a mental cheer. She was definitely into this, into me, and the little moans issuing from her throat emphasized that fact, boosting my confidence and rendering me capable of what I did next.

I pulled away from the kiss, leaving her gasping with spots of color on her cheeks and fully dilated pupils. She looked amazing, perfect, and I wanted her so much it hurt.

“Okay,” I said, “now get on your knees.”

My breath caught when, after the slightest hesitation, she did as I asked, dropping to her knees on the plush carpet. Before she changed her mind, I reached down and undid my jeans, then pulled my cock out of my boxers, pointing the head in her direction.

“Now suck it.”

My heart pounded as she looked up at me, an inscrutable expression on her face. She appeared frozen, stunned by my bold move. But that was okay, I was good at giving orders. “Suck me off, Marie, now.”



Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings


Oh, la, la, hello spanking devotees, here’s another short, sharp slap from Grand Slam.

.Grand Slam


I allowed the same scents as in the first, noisy room to filter up my nose. At the same time sounds emerged. They’d been distant initially, like mist rising on a lake, but now they became clearer. Voices but not words, moans, gasps, a groan deep and guttural and then a slap and someone cried out. A yelp, another slap and a moan.

God, that moan, it was male I was sure and it went straight to my clit. Swelling the little nub and making me wriggle on my seat. I didn’t need to see to know that it was a moan of pleasure. The yelp, that was pain, I was certain, but the same voice had quickly released a gurgle of appreciation.

I leaned forward, hoping to hear more and was rewarded by noises to my left, panting and the friction of skin on skin. “Oh, yes, yes, yes…”

Blissemas 2013


Welcome to Blissemas 2013. This is Raw Talent’s very first Christmas so we’re hoping the sexy stockings will be full to bursting point. The first book in the series, Grand Slam has had a wonderful year and been very, very good. With reviews like “The chemistry between Travis and Marie is hot.” “The sex scenes were sizzling.” and “So highly recommend this book” Santa is sure to be generous. The next books in the series are works in progress but will see the light of day in 2014 and yes, there’s more hot, super-confident, athletically talented guys and gals on the way.

Grand Slam

I loved writing Grand Slam and fell so in love with Travis. He’s all man, a testosterone overdose, a wonderful treat for every female sense. But what is it about sportsmen that gets us girls going? Of course their supreme fitness and their blessedly buff bodies would be a whopping plus between the sheets but is it their psych that really gets our attention? Their unwavering competitive streak and single minded focus – see we’re not so shallow after all – do we see these guys performing on the court, the pitch or the rink and think ‘wow, if they’re that obsessed with being the best, of winning and scoring goals, shots etc. what the hell would they be like in bed?’ Off the chart amazing, our inner voice shouts. ‘You’ll feel like you’ve won the damn Olympic gold medal in ecstasy’.

I’ll confess I’ve never had sex with a professional sportsman so this is all hypothetical, having said that I have a pretty damn vivid imagination, especially when it comes to hot men! I live in the UK and our most famous sporting export of recent years is of course the delectable David Beckham – yum!

But we have a few other hotties which I thought I’d share. Why not? It’s cold outside and we have to keep warm somehow! This is boxer Joe Calzaghie, he’s Welsh (YAY!). He is seriously hot and a seriously nice guy too. I was lucky enough to meet him once – swoon! –and I had to be picked up off the floor when my knees gave way. His voice is all deep and lilting, one side of his mouth twitches when he smiles and his eyes sparkle with a confident naughtiness. He’s like a great big vat of sin which would be so heavenly to jump into! Damn – missed my opportunity by becoming a boneless heap!

j c

Now this is a surprise one. Because who would have thought the England cricket team would have had had such a hunky captain? Andrew Flintoff is a man who knows what he wants and goes out and gets it. I’ll confess it’s a sport that bores me silly (sorry any cricket fans) but when he was out there hitting balls around it and playing with his bat it was suddenly watchable!

CRICKET England 14

No UK list would be complete without Johnny Wilkinson, this guy scored the winning point for England in the Rugby World Cup Final despite having dislocated his shoulder minutes earlier in an evil tackle – ouch!! Now that is man on a mission, a man with unwavering self-control. Can you imagine…?


Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list and there are supremely gorgeous and talented sportsmen the world over. But it is this wonderful deep vat of inspiration that is going to propel Raw Talent and it’s characters on and on. Look out for more M/F stories, BDSM and just plain kinky, there are F/F novellas on the way, and M/M (characters who you will have already met in Grand Slam) and then a menage a trois, and… yes the list goes on.

From Lucy and I and our Raw Talent heroes and heroines we wish you a wonderful cosy Christmas with lots of love and laughter. Don’t forget to leave a comment right here to be in with a chance to win the big prize – an ereader OR a $100 gift card!


All pictures found online and presumed to be in the public domain.

Lily x

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So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t read this book already, grab it while it’s cheap and enjoy Travis and Marie’s sexy adventures.

Lucy x

Five Cups for Grand Slam!

Lily and I are dancing around our respective rooms, having just received this fantastic review from Coffee Time Romance for Grand Slam! Scoring five out of five, and here’s what the reviewer had to say:

ctr5cups“Grand Slam is an invitation into the meaning of a BDSM relationship based on love, trust and respect. The characters are two incredibly strong individuals who learn that being together can make them stronger. I love the easy introduction into a light dominate, submissive relationship. Grand Slam is an amazing love story for the romantic at heart, with just enough BDSM to interest those who appreciate extra spice in their life. Ms. Harlem and Ms. Felthouse have an amazing talent of balancing the BDSM lifestyle with the romance of love.”

You can read the review in its entirety here.

Check out more on Grand Slam here.

Lucy x

Sunday Snog – Grand Slam

Sunday Snog

Grand SlamGrand Slam is back with another Sunday Snog, woohoo! As the name suggests, Sunday Snog is where a snippet from a published work, WIP or to-be-published work is shared to give readers a taste, and hopefully make them hot under the collar 😉 Once you’ve checked out this super snog from book one in the Raw Talent series, be sure to head back to Blissekiss and check out all the other awesome kisses. Enjoy!

The TV cameras were on us, capturing our joy and love, but I really couldn’t give a shit. Someone could have thrown a rotten tomato or an egg at my head in that moment and it wouldn’t have bothered me. All I could think about now was ensuring that Marie was sitting in the sidelines for every single tennis match I played for the rest of my career.
Finally I stopped spinning and put her down. I cupped her face and kissed her hard, possessively.

The yells of the crowd were deafening. I was giving my fans a treat by showing them a little of the man I was off the court. And why shouldn’t I? Marie was part of me now, she’d become ingrained in my soul, in my life. I was happy to share my fortune in finding her.

She was returning my kiss with equal ardor. After not nearly long enough, I had to stop, because although I was used to crowds and cameras staring at me, tennis shorts did absolutely nothing to hold an erection in check and I didn’t want to get arrested for indecent exposure or something. That would dampen the mood somewhat.

Pulling away, I murmured, “We did it, Marie. Thank you.”

Grand Slam is out NOW. Why not add it to your Goodreads shelves?

Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings


Welcome to Saturday Spankings, a hop that will turn your cheeks pink! Here’s a sexy 8 from Grand Slam…

* * * *

The movement of air was the first thing I noticed, and then a split second later a blinding slap of agony on my buttocks. I cried out, unashamed of the noise. “Ow, what the fuck?”

He pressed his lips to my ear. “Don’t forget, you can always say the safe word.”

I shook my head. Already the pain was blooming, as it always did when he struck me, but this was different. It wasn’t his hand, it was something else.

I strained to see. He took pity on me and held up a flogger with several long, thin tails made of what appeared to be suede.

“Meet Cat,” he said. “Now get ready, this is going to hurt, but of course, in a very good way.”

* * * *

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Hump Day Hook #5 – Grand Slam

humpdayhookHi everyone and welcome to Hump Day Hook, where authors share a paragraph or two from their published works or WIPs. Here’s more from Grand Slam, out now. Enjoy!

But as a rule Travis Connolly didn’t give much away in his body language. I’d never met him in person, but whenever I’d seen him in action or being interviewed, which was rare, he was well-known for being fiercely private and he’d always been in absolute control of every movement. It wasn’t just the way he answered questions, it was the purposeful position of his long limbs and the distinct lack of any type of fiddling, be it with his neat dark hair or anything he happened to be holding.

Want more? Of course you do! Here’s the page for Grand Slam. And click here to go and visit the rest of the Hump Day Hook gang. Leave us comments about our pieces – we love it! 🙂

Happy Reading x